Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Form Editor Final Release

The one45 development team is excited to announce the final release of our updated form builder tool in our April 2014 release.  You are now able to make edits to your own forms which will save you time and give you control over your own forms providing unmatched convenience in forms management.  Included in this release are updates to provide the following functionality:

  • Add and edit check-box, drop down, and radio button list questions
  • The ability to create your own reusable lists or pre-defined one45 lists for list choice questions
  • Advanced likert scale editing mode to update scale headers, values, and scores
  • Increased warnings for form edits to questions related to low performance, grade fields, and form grades
  • Increased logging for form editing changes
Please see the release notes for full details.

Relevant help pages for form builder can be found here.

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