Monday, November 02, 2015

System Update: November 2nd – Auto-login Link Updates Release

The one45 team is excited to announce the release of our updated auto-login link functionality.  This functionality will only affect schools that have auto-login links enabled.

The auto-login updates will be rolled out over the next few weeks.  It will be enabled by default commencing November 30th when it will be permanently turned on.  Please see below for details:

We are making the following changes to how our auto-login process works to make our system more secure and improve the user experience:
  1. Auto-login links sent via email will no longer provide full system access. Instead, anyone using an auto-login link for one45 will only have access to their To Dos page, and any relevant To Dos.
  2. After a link has been used (i.e. clicked on to access the system) it will become deactivated.  If the link is clicked on again an email will automatically be sent to the intended user with a new link.  This will make logging in much easier for someone who can’t find their most recent reminder email, or who has already used their most recent link to log into the system.   
Please see the release notes for full details.

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