Friday, February 26, 2016

System Update: Introducing one45's new status page

Introducing one45's new status page

In an effort to continually improve our communication with you around the state of our system, we are excited to announce the launch of the one45 status page:

Our status page provides a single, centralized channel to clearly communicate the state of our services. In the odd event our systems become unavailable, this self-contained status page should remain unaffected, allowing you to continue receiving real-time updates on the state of one45’s services.                  

With this page, we endeavour to communicate:
- Severe bugs affecting one45 across all clients
- System outages
- Third-party tool outages (such as our ticketing system and support page)
- Network/server issues for clients hosted with one45 
(Note: we are unable to provide network/server status for self-hosted clients).

You can subscribe to automatic updates through email addresses, SMS text messages, webhooks and RSS feeds via the status page’s “Subscribe To Updates” button.

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