Tuesday, March 15, 2016

System update March 15th 2016

Check out what we've released this week!

If you have the one45 permission to use the Competency reports, you will see a change for head forms options.

Previously, in groups that had head evaluator forms, there were two options for reporting on evaluation data in a competency report:

If your group had head evaluators for only some of the rotations,  you couldn't report on all of your data together in one report.

Now you can!

These options have now been removed and the logic has now been updated so that:

  • if it is a normal form (no head form), it will be counted in the report
  • if it is a head evaluator form, it will be counted in the report
  • if it is a contributing form (i.e. has an associated head form), then it won’t be counted in the report

We hope you like the update!

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