Monday, June 06, 2016

System Update: New tool for providing feedback about the one45 mobile app

We’ve been blown away by the response to our new mobile app.  Nearly 2,000 people have already used our new mobile app to complete more than 1,500 assessments.
It’s difficult sometimes for faculty, residents, and students to give feedback, or report issues on an app. Unlike our web app, it can be hard for program or site administrators to work with a learner or faculty member to diagnose a problem on the mobile app so we’ve been thinking about how to make that process easier.
Today we’re announcing a new feature in the app which allows your faculty, residents, and students to send us feedback about their experience with app. The new feature is available under the “Leave feedback” menu on the “Me” tab in the app.
It only takes a second to share your feedback, so please do!

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