Thursday, August 18, 2016

System updates - Self sends revamped August 18th 2016

Check out our big updates to self-sends!

Programs using DOPS, Mini-CEX, Field Notes, Daily Cards or other workplace-based assessments in their practice are going to love this update. We’ve made a number of changes to our “self-send” tools that make it easier to launch new assessments, and harder to make mistakes.
There is a new section on the To Dos page that lists all of the self-send forms that a person can initiate.
When you choose the right form you now get guided through a set of options to choose the relevant rotation, and dates.
From there, choose the right person and then submit the form to initiate the assessment (Note that we’ve added a small photo of the person you’ve picked, if available to help you pick the right person).
We’ve also made an improvement by giving you a warning if the person you’ve picked isn’t scheduled in the event you picked for the date(s) you picked. We’ve also restricted the tool so that learners can’t choose dates that fall outside of their scheduled dates.

One more small (but big!) change - we’ve eliminated the unnecessary confirmation step - once you hit the Send form button, you’re done!

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