Wednesday, September 28, 2016

System update - Releasable reports for Bird's eye groups September 28th

Interdepartmental faculty assessment reports

We are pleased to announce some big improvements to our releasable reports of faculty performance. If your institution uses a standardized form for assessing faculty, you can now run a single report that will give you a picture of faculty performance across all of your programs.
The updates are found when you go to Reports > Releasable Reports > Evaluation Reports in a birds-eye group.
A birds-eye group is a group in one45 that encompasses one or more sub groups. For example, in an Undergrad context, you might have a year3 birds-eye group for all of your specialty specific year 3 groups.
You initiate a new releasable report as you always have, and there are some new options in the define criteria step.

1 - Choosing programs to report on

The first change is that when you’re choosing a program to report from, you can now choose multiple programs at once, instead of being limited to reporting on a single program at a time.
The report will pull in data from forms sent from all of the programs you select. If you select the birds-eye group itself, the report will pull in data from forms sent from the birds-eye group.

2 - Including program comparisons

The next update is the Include comparison columns for each of the programs selected on the left option. If you choose yes, then the report will add a column to the report for each program you’ve selected. The additional program columns provides an overall average for all faculty assessed by forms sent from those programs.

3 - Including overall comparison

We’ve updated the language for the Include an overall comparison column for all programs option. If you choose yes for this option, the report will add a column to the report that includes an overall average for all of the faculty, assessed by all of the child programs of the birds-eye group.
Note: This average includes data from all of the programs, not just the ones you’ve selected on the left.

4 - Choose form to report on

We made a small change here to alphabetize the list of forms to make it easier to find the form you want to report against.

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