Wednesday, January 11, 2017

System Update - January 11 2016

We've added a button for you!

If you’re a bilingual one45 user, you’ve probably wished at some point that you could switch the interface language after you’ve already logged in. We’re pleased to announce that if this has ever happened to you, we now have you covered.
If your school supports English and French, you can now switch between those languages from the personal information page of your eDossier. Simply open your eDossier, and hit the “Switch to…” button and the system will reload with your chosen language.
The system will remember your choice for the next time you log in.
As always, you will also be able to select the language from the login page.

This new button is only visible by a person for their own eDossier.
Admins do not see this button for other users.

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