Tuesday, January 17, 2017

System Update - January 17th 2017

We have upgraded the Learner Capacity page of the Rotation Lottery

What's better you ask?

1. Now, the selections get unchecked after saving:

Previously, the Learner capacity page would remember the rotations and time periods selections after saving the capacity.
This lead to lots of trouble and hours of manual work for some clients if they were to update other rotations or dates without unchecking the first ones first.
There would also be issues when admins meant to view the capacity, but saved what was selected as capacity instead.

2. We reordered the fields:

We have changed the order of choices for better logic, letting you choose the rotations and time periods before the capacity.

3. We removed the minimum:

Lastly, the minimum capacity was not looked at by the system when running the algorithm, so we removed that part. There is no more minimum.

The new page looks like this: 

Please refer to our help documentation to review how it all works: Set Learner Capacity

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