Monday, January 09, 2017

System update - January 9th 2017

Update to Academic Session Scheduling

When creating an academic session the person creating the session has the option to select attendees that are scheduled into a specific rotation.

Previously, the system would add a calendar entry for the academic session for learners, including those who were scheduled into the rotation outside of the session dates.  This could lead to confusion for learners who were not scheduled into the rotation during the timeline of the session.

one45 has updated the system and added a step that cross-checks the Rotation Schedule. This will ensure that when a session is created any learners added as attendees by rotation are ACTUALLY scheduled into the rotation for the date of the academic session prior to posting the session details in their calendar.  Additionally, the system will check nightly for changes to the rotation and update the session entry in learner's calendars if they have been added or removed from the rotation.

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