Tuesday, March 14, 2017

System Updates - Mar 14 2017

Personal eDossier now shows the last time someone updated their password

We sometimes get requests from administrators wanting to know if one of their colleagues had set a password. This often happens when you’re helping someone reset their password, and you want to be sure that they were able to go through the process and get into the system successfully. When this comes up, you have needed to file a support ticket to get a member of our team to let you know the status of the person’s account.
Today we’re releasing a small update that lets you see this information without filing a ticket, directly from a person’s eDossier page. You’ll find the information in the Account Tasks section of the Personal Info page in the eDossier.

The possible values are:

  • Your password has not been set
  • Password last updated on DATE
  • Password has been set
That last option is for anyone who set their password before this update (meaning we don’t have record of the specific date to show).

Note that if your school uses a single-sign-on system, then none of this applies as your school passwords aren’t managed in one45.

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