Monday, June 19, 2017

System Update: Admins can now rollback sendouts that do not have forms completed

The teams here at one45 are always looking for ways to improve your experience with our software and this latest change will definitely make correcting block sendout mistake more efficient.

You’re now able to roll back block sendouts for those blocks that do not yet have any forms completed.

At times, when you’ve initiated a sendout and quickly determine there was an error or a detail was missing from the schedule or the workflow, it’s inconvenient to have to log a support ticket and wait for the support team here to rollback the sendout so that you can correct the error and reinitiate the block sendout. While you are waiting for the block to be rolled back, forms could be filled out and it could become a time consuming task. Now you can quickly rollback that block sendout yourself (as long as there are no forms completed).

Here is a new help article that goes over this new feature:

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