Tuesday, June 23, 2015

System Update: June 25 2015

Check out what we've released this month!

 Control when session objectives are released to learners:

You now have the ability to decide when you'll release session objectives within your curriculum schedule to your students.

By default, any objectives added to your sessions will be immediately viewable by students if: 

1. They have the permission to view objectives

The permission for students to view objectives is activated from the Setup > Curriculum roles page: 

2.  The box to release objectives at a certain date/time is not checked off

Note: There must be at least one section set up under the session for students to be able to view them. Sections determine the date and time they are released.

To release the objectives ONLY when the last section of a session ends, all you need to do is to check off the box as you add the objectives to the curriculum. 

Here is what the student would see:

NOTE: Some restrictions however apply: 

- If a student's grad year is greater than the portfolio grad year, then the objectives will never be visible.

- If a student does not have a grad year, objectives will never be visible (even with the permission)

- If a portfolio doesn't have a grad year (or invalid grad year), objectives will not be visible to students. 

- Facilitators ALWAYS have access to view objectives, no matter when.

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